View Full Version : Google search and two pages

10-24-2006, 04:21 PM
I have a problem i added to my site a google search box which i found in this page:
It works fine but i would like that this google search would search information on both of my pages, example. page1.net and page2.org. I tried to put two url's in value attribute but i didnt get it to work. So could someone help me?

10-25-2006, 10:39 AM
Also could someone tell me how can i make the Search button smaller? or could i change it to somekinda other button type with dreamweaver?

10-25-2006, 01:43 PM
I'm not too sure on the search engine, but to make your search button smaller ad this to <head> of your page...

color: black;
font-family: arial, verdana, ms sans serif;
font-size: 8pt

It will affect all inputs...