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10-24-2006, 11:37 AM
Hi All,

Im currently making a cricket site for a client of mine, with all cricket stats and info for their club.

They have a page with selections of who is playing the following week, This is controlled by 60 dropdown(12 for each grade) boxes in an admin control panel using php. Each dropdown queries the mysql database printing out a list of every player in the database, but they have come across the problem of selecting a player to play in 2 different grades at the same time. So they want a safe guard sort of thing, they suggested having it so if you select John Doe on the first one, he will be removed from the list on all the other dropdowns.

Is this possible to do? as i said before im using PHP and MySQL, i know a fair bit of PHP, but know nothing about javascript.

Is there any premade solutions to this? or could someone whip something together for me to use?

I will be very grateful,