View Full Version : Progress bar image not moving in IE

10-24-2006, 10:44 AM
This question pertains to jsp used in struts framework.

I have a progress bar image in my jsp which has a progress bar which is supposed to move horizontally from left to right when the page is rendered.

The image path that I am using in the html:img tag is "Images/common/progress_bar.gif", where Images is a folder under my context root.

When i test this on my local machine on IE, the image is rendered properly i.e. the moving progress bar image is displayed. BUt if i deploy my application on a client box and then try to run it from that box on IE, the progress bar image is displayed as a static (non-moving) image. The client box has the same directory structure as my machine.

The image is being picked up from the designated location, but it is not moving.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.