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10-21-2006, 10:50 PM
i'm helping someone fix a layout they have & everything is working except that i can't get the one image to align properly. could someone please help?

layout screenshot (http://www.maj.com/gallery/Rika24/banner/imagelayout.gif)

here is the coding for that area:

<div id="overall" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; z-index: 0; overflow: visible;">

<table width=780 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>

<td rowspan=2><img src="images/index_01.jpg" width="223" height="155"></td>
<td><img src="images/index_02.jpg" width="374" height="154"></td>
<td><img src="images/index_03.jpg" width="183" height="154"></td>
<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="154"></td>
<td rowspan=2><img src="images/index_04.jpg" width="374" height="32"></td>
<td rowspan=4><img src="images/index_05.jpg" width="183" height="155"></td>
<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width=1 height=1></td>
<td rowspan=2><img src="images/index_06.jpg" width="223" height="76"></td>
<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width=1 height=31></td>
<td rowspan=2><img src="images/index_07.jpg" width="355" height="56"></td>
<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="45"></td>
<td><img src="images/index_08.jpg" width="223" height="78"></td>
<td><img src="images/spacer.gif" width="1" height="78"></td>

10-22-2006, 10:15 AM
Could not open the page, but if you put a temporary border and numbers for each of the cells, you will see where the problem lies. I think it may be because the total width of your images per row is larger than the total width of the table itself.

<?austin ?>
10-23-2006, 02:10 AM
maybe you should try using css divs, they are easier t manage and stuff...learn up on em. tables are now obsolete :0! replace your tables with css divs.