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10-18-2006, 07:09 AM
Hello...I am using the OnMouseover Slideshow from JavaScriptKit.com. I am working with three frames( I know...old-school):

<frame src="LOGO.htm" name="logo">
<frame src="MENU.htm" name="menu">
<frame src="MAIN.htm" name="main">


MENU.htm contains the script and HTML code and works great.
***However I need the slideshow to appear in the logo frame***
Reason being I need the frame to remain static while the user scrolls down the menu list--so the image is never out of view.

From what I have read, it is possible to call a function between frames; I humbly admit, however, I cannot make it work. :confused:

Any assistance would be appreciated!

The OnMouseover Slideshow code is as follows:

/*Rollover effect on different image script-
By JavaScript Kit (http://javascriptkit.com)
Over 200+ free scripts here!

function changeimage(towhat,url){
if (document.images){
function warp(){

<script language="JavaScript1.1">
var myimages=new Array()
var gotolink="#"

function preloadimages(){
for (i=0;i<preloadimages.arguments.length;i++){
myimages[i]=new Image()

HTML code:
<a href="javascript:warp()"><img src="plane0.gif" name="targetimage" border=0></a>

<a href="b2.htm" onMouseover="changeimage(myimages[0],this.href)">Plane 1</a>

***Instead of text, I have a button***