View Full Version : Can someone suggest an appropriate ASP script?

10-14-2006, 10:13 AM
First, my Server supports ASP and not PHP.

I am developing a website that has 2 sections, a Viewers section and a Members section.

Visitors to this site are taken to the Viewers section and will be free to view all of the general content of the site.

The Members section will contain (ASP) interactive applications and folks that wish to enter the “Members Section” will have to sign in with a User Name & Password to participate in the applications activities.

I am looking for (an ASP) Script, similar to the type of script that Forums use to register their members.

However, all that I want this script to do is to request the prospective member to create a User Name & Password and then complete their member registration by including a valid email address.

Beyond that, I would also like this script to list their membership information (UN, PW and email address) into a database so that I can create a form for them to use to sign into the membership area.

Many folks have given me links to places where I can view a variety of possible appropriate scripts however, although I have found many “Form Validation” scripts available, I have found that All of these contain many other things that I do not need this script to do and I do not know how to alter them to do what I need this script to do.

Can anyone suggest aa ASP script that will simply create a member registration using just a UN, PW and email address and enter that information into a database?