View Full Version : Not sure which line of this code is for color

10-11-2006, 12:10 AM
hello people and thanks in advance,

I got this line of code from www.tutorialoutpost.com The actually page is HERE. (http://tutorialoutpost.com/count/6167) I simply want to change the color of the faded outline.

I understand the lines of code that account for fading speed and depth but I dont understand how I can alter the color. Any one know how I would alter the code...?

Here is the Flash 8 actions script...

box_mc.filters = [new flash.filters.GlowFilter()];
var dir:Number = 1;
box_mc.blur = 10;

box_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
box_mc.blur += dir;
if ((box_mc.blur>=30) || (box_mc.blur<=10)) {
dir *= -1;

var filter_array:Array = box_mc.filters;
filter_array[0].blurX = box_mc.blur;
filter_array[0].blurY = box_mc.blur;
box_mc.filters = filter_array;