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10-05-2006, 05:02 AM
There is a truncation error of my Web Application using PHP 5.04, MySQL 5.022, and HTML(IE 6.0) whereby the MySQL Result Set is being truncated on the HTML page, even though the CSS Div Page Height is set to 'auto' which is supposed to grow the HTML page height to the size necessary to display the contents within the page. The query count is correct, but the MySQL Result Set is being truncated on the html page. This happens for MySQL Results on some HTML pages but not for others, despite the fact that they all use the same CSS Div.

This happens upon Viewing all:
-Client Accounts(19)
-Service Requests(49)
but not upon Viewing all:

Nor does it happen upon Viewing all:
-Service Requests per Client(eg Cherry Bank(21);Heritage Bank(9))
And the code structure is the same.

PHP Script(PHP & HTML)

<div id="Layer5" align="left">
<h1 class="style3 style4"><? echo "Operations<br></b>"; ?>
<span class="style5"></span></h1>
$db = new mysqli($connection, $username, 'webpass', $db_name);
echo 'Error: Cound not connect to Database.';


# 06 SQL - Find all 'Client Accounts' from 'client_account' table
$query="SELECT * FROM client_account";
$result=$db->query($query) or die("Select 'Client Accounts' SQL Query Failed on 'client_account' table: ".mysql_error());

# If Client Account has more that 1 Service Request, Display them
if($num_rows_client_account > '0') {
echo '<h2><span class="style2">Client Accounts - '.$num_rows_client_account.'</span></h2>';
for($i=0;$i<$num_rows_client_account;$i++) {

'service_request_id'] = $row['service_request_id'];
$client_account_id = substr($row['client_account_id'],0,10);
$company = $row['company'];
$current_client_account_id = $row['client_account_id'];

echo "<font color='brown'><ul type='square'><li><b><font color='blue'><a name='".$current_client_account_id."' client_account_id='".$num_rows_client_account."' href='view_service_request.php' target='_top' onclick='return set_consulting_sr_session_vars(this)';>".$row['client_account_id']."</a></b><font color='brown'> - ".$row['company']." - ".$row['status']."</a><font color='black'></li></ul>";
# echo '<ul><li>'.$i.'</li></ul>';

echo "<ul type='square'><li>There are no Client Accounts</li>";


#Layer5 {
left: 293px;
top: 247px;

10-05-2006, 09:14 AM
My only suggestion is to make sure the parent element(s) are also set to height:auto/100%