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11-12-2002, 11:59 AM

how do i set the resolution of my web pages to 800x600, i previously worked my project on a PC ..the resolution is 1152x864

how do i change it to 800x600 for example this website default resolution setting



11-12-2002, 01:35 PM
You can't set your page resolution; you can design your page layout to fit a full size window on 800x600 resolution monitor.
One way to check this is to set your monitor's resolution to 800x600; you could also try and resize a window in the current resolution to which your is set, but that's guessing. Depending on the browser used and some other settings, certain values for available window height and width can be determined, as is done in Sizing up the browsers (http://hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/99/41/index3a.html?tw=design) on Webmonkey.
Using these values, you could make an image showing different measurements (i.e. by dotted lines or something); viewing this image, you could resize the browser window to approach 800x600, or some other, screen res.

11-12-2002, 06:18 PM
thanks...i will go visit the site.....