View Full Version : possible created 2 link---->MYSQL n SQL-->urgent

09-05-2006, 11:16 AM
possible create 2 link that one link is link to mysql and other was link to SQL server???
by using mysql_connection n mssql_connection at same yime?

if not,,any other solution??

my web server was run under Linux OS n other connect to the server.

I got one web based sysetm, it connect to mysql only (i look through the codding) but d vendor tell me said that it get live data from SQL server... How it can done it?

because i m new 4 my working company, be4 my working company was outsource to the vendor, but now my working company was want take back full project n done it by self. So, i dont think the vendor will tell me.
when i ask the vendor, he look like not very like to me when i asking some about the application to him.

so ask for help here....

Hope get response soon...thanks a lot.