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09-04-2006, 09:46 AM
I am using an iframe in building my CMS. in IE, i can use contentEditable on a div and my problem is solved. however since mozilla doesn't support contentEditable, i am using designMode = "on" . This however is applicable only on iframes. (I have currently implemented Mozile[mozilla inline editor] and using a div..but it is too buggy)

My problem is resizing an iframe everytime i write into it. Like, the iframe is 3 lines tall. i write 4 lines. Instead of scroll-bars, i want the iframe to resize to 4 lines tall. Same for 5, 6, etc. lines. Every new line = resize.

What i probably don't know here is how to capture the correct events to know when to resize and how to get the values the iframe should resize to.

This topic was raised in a previous thread, but the solution was for IE only, so contentEditable worked in that case. Any sort of help on mozilla is welcome as i have to make my cms cross browser