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11-10-2002, 02:58 AM
:confused: Hi i would like to know if u can help me. I am interested in making dolls and i come across a freeware page where i can download it from and i downloaded it but it didn't come with a code so i can add it to a site..


I downloaded 1.0 and i would like to know how to make a code to so i can put the doll maker on my site..

Could u email me and help me out please

Many thanx jane

11-10-2002, 04:18 AM
That the right URL you gave? I get an error404

11-10-2002, 07:27 PM
From what I've seen, you can't add this to a web page. This is to be installed onto your own PC for you to create dolls on your own PC.

If you owned your own server, then you could install the program onto there and somehow embed the program into a page with a serverside language. Maybe VBScript could do it?