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08-28-2006, 07:21 AM
(I guess this isn't really a Javascript question, but it pertains to using Javascript for certain applications.)

Does anyone know if you can remove the right-side scroll bar in HTML documents? I am using HTML documents to make screen savers and it kind of takes away from it to have an inactive scroll bar on the right-hand side.

If anyone has some insight that would be greatly appreciated.



PS If you would like to see what I'm talking about I would be glad to send an SS with the sidebar problem along with the HTML I used to make it.

08-28-2006, 07:52 AM
Change the overflow property (http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visufx.html#propdef-overflow) for the <html> and <body> elements.

08-28-2006, 08:18 PM
I don't think that will work. Here, I attached the particular code I am working with:


08-29-2006, 12:46 AM
no i think it should


html { overflow:hidden; }
body { overflow:hidden;}

and remember to put a <html> and </html> tag into your document.

08-29-2006, 12:54 AM
if that dosnt work try this:

<body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" bottommargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">
<iframe src="screensaver.htm" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" height="100%" width="100%" scrolling="no" border="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

08-29-2006, 07:00 PM
None of those are working. The first one doesn't take out the inactive scroll bar, but it does do something to the Javascript that deactivates it or interferes with it. The second one takes out my background picture and adds an active scrollbar on the right, also deactivating my Javascript (the falling leaves).

Here is a link to what I am working with in general: http://pages.prodigy.net/bluebutterfly/LeavesWhiteonWhiteBackground.htm

Thanks for your time, guys.


08-29-2006, 07:56 PM
Never mind guys... someone else told me to just put <body scroll=no> in the body. It works fine.

Thanks again.