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08-24-2006, 03:50 PM
Hey, im in the process of writeing a script to make an upload site such as megaupload and rapidshare. I know there are lots but one more wont hurt :P

I am not completely new to PHP but im no expert at all, I just wanted some pointers on how you all though rapidshare went on doing there script.

Its weird because even though you get a link such as:


it would take you too a html page and after waiting to view the ads your download link would be:


How do they do this? because if you check later on that link will not be valid and will take you back to the HTML page if entered because it has expired.

You never see the real location of the file and this is what I want to start of creating. Do they, once requested, copy the file from its original location to a tempary location for us to download, then once finished delete the temp file? wouldnt this be too too cpu consistant?

thanks for any comments that you can give.