View Full Version : Has Anyone Used This Application to Zoom Photos?

08-07-2006, 09:00 PM
I am so totally lost. I am using an image converter application ZoomifyEZ. I have dragged the images into the converter and a new folder is created... no problem here. Here's what I can't figure out:confused: The instructions say to open the template.htm in any editor (I have in word & excel) and set the zoomifyImagePath to the image folder name. Copy the image folder, template.htm and the ZoomifyViewer.swf to my web server.
Also mentions need to know what to call the folder for flash call to properly set it up and how to set this up inside the template.(No instructions were given here)
I've uploaded to my file manager on the web builder the image folder, template.htm and the zoomifyViewer.swf. I must be doing everything wrong as nothing past creating the zoom folder has worked for me.
I'm using a web builder, not frontpage or dreamweaver. My objective is to be able to add photos with zoom capacity to my website and that is what this application does.
Please, if anyone has used this application and knows hows this works passed dragging the images, I would so appreciate any help! I'm gettin a flat butt:eek: sittin here trying over and over and over I would love to move on to building my web pages and adding the images I need.
Thanks to everyone:) Sincerely, Kathleen