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08-06-2006, 04:01 AM
Hi everyone Ė this may be a really stupid question (and Iím sorry if it is Ė but itís been puzzling me for a while), but does anyone know the reason why some websites, when searched for in Google, also include a list of similar links to other pages on the site. This seems an excellent way for extra website promotion, yet only select sites seem to have this in their search results. Iíve checked sites both big and small, and some have it some donít. Iíve scanned the Google help documents, but can find nothing. My original thought was that it was due to website size and popularity, but Iíve searched for sites that I know are smaller than mine, and they have this option. My second thought was the type of content (most of these sites use .shtml, I use PHP includes: ?page=section/page) Ė but Iím still stumped!

Just wondering, is there some special META code that is needed to do this, or does Google base it off something else?

Any help would be most appreciated (an example screenshot is attached: 4678)

Thanks very much for your time.


08-07-2006, 08:57 PM
Hi Andy,

This is a UI (user interface) experiment. Google is constantly toying with the way their results are presented, and this is just one example. You may also have seen the extra pages listed horizontally instead of in a vertical list. There is no apparent rhyme or reason as to which sites get picked, and in fact I suspect that it is not the site as such, rather it is whatever site happens to be in that position for that search at the time.

I know of no way to influence whether and how the extra links appear and I seriously doubt one exists.

03-10-2009, 07:47 PM
How about the new website promotions in Google guys??? some new trends on website promotions??

make the site with well optimized ( on page) .. no html error, no broken links, no duplicate title and meta tag..Alos keep h tag prperly... Find some targeted keywords.. update the content with the keyword...make quality BL from any site like this... Keep updating the site at least once in a weeek.. if u do for a period of time say 6 months off page optmization and content updation u will succes in Google

03-10-2009, 08:14 PM
in google webmaster tools you can find on the menu links -> sitelinks a list of links:

Sitelinks are additional links Google sometimes generates from site contents in order to help users navigate your site. Google generates these sitelinks periodically from your site's contents.

Because we generate sitelinks dynamically, this list can change from time to time.
google decide what links can have as sitelinks you can only remove what you don't want.

best regards