View Full Version : interaction iframe to mainpage with GoLive

08-06-2006, 12:45 AM
Hello :)

I’m using GoLive to create a website, using a menu to control what is shown inside an iframe.
There are 5 general categories. Inside each of those categories, there are again 5 subcategories. The navigation for these subcategories is supposed to be possible both by a menu inside the iframe and one outside it (another 5 buttons).
These buttons have all the same color, but “lighten up” on mouseover for either the button itself or the subcategorie link inside the iframe, in a different color depending on which categorie you’re in and “unlighten” on mouseout.
Now, once you enter one of the subcategories, the correlating button is supposed to stay lightened, but the rest of the buttons still lightens up on mouseover and the name of the appropriate subcategorie is shown as an image outside the iframe below the menu-buttons.
My problem is now how to get the buttons to respond correctly depending on where in the submenus i am.
How do I get a variable-value from the Iframe to the CSaction scripts on the main page to control the small buttons? I don’t know enough javascript or html to write the control-functions for the buttons myself, so I need GoLives actions, and I have no idea how to tell those what’s going on inside the frame.

If you can help me, that would be great. Thank you a lot in advance.