View Full Version : How do you handle user deletion?

08-04-2006, 02:20 PM
I am currently developing my own cms in which users can contribute many types of content: pages, articles, forum topics, comments, images, etc.

Whenever a user misbehaves, the cms offers the possibility of blocking the account. The user cannot login anymore, but all of it's contributed content is still available.

As I understand, many open source cms'es have the possibility of deleting a user account as well. In doing so, some of them also delete all the content the user contributed. Others only delete the account itself, and reassign the content to the admin (or any other specified) account. There are many possibilities.

I am now contemplating how I should implement user deletion into my cms. Should I implement it at all? By deleting a user's contributed content, it is extremely hard to maintain database / website integrity. For example: what's the value of a forum discussion if replies of a certain user have been taken out of the thread? Also, what happens to an article typed by user A which attaches a document / picture uploaded by user B and I delete user B? The article of user A is then crippled.

How do you handle user deletion in your cms?

08-05-2006, 07:14 AM
y don't you create a user disabled field in your database, if the user as to be banned then this could be marked and disable the user from loggin in. What server side language are you using????

The table only as to be set up as a true/false field. This way you will not lose and of their contributed work.