View Full Version : recommendation for site accessibility testing tool

07-31-2006, 07:25 PM

I need a recommendation for site accessibility testing.

I am accustomed to producing customer websites that are validated and pass checkpoints in WCAG, WAI and Section 508.

I usually check 1 page at a time using a variety of online tools.

I'd like to pay for a windows client application that will spider/trawl a site and warn me of pages that fail accessibility tests. I'd like it to produce reports (ideally, that I can rebrand).

I'm happy to pay no more than $200 for such software if open source/free versions don't exist.

It'd be wonderful if it could validate XHTML, CSS as well, but not critical.

So far I have found ACCVerify ($999) which is great but expensive, WebKing ($3000) even more so and Bobby ($299).

Given the requirements above can anyone recommend anything else?