View Full Version : URL addressing bar problem

07-31-2006, 11:01 AM
Hi guys ! Thanks for coming to have a look. :thumbsup:
Here's my problem , i got a web site which allow user to login. Then i have some condition to take care which is after they login they straight change the address to another web site without clicking the "logout".

Is there any way that i can detect what the address the user key in next(other than my web site address) ? I cant use onUnload() because my web site consist of multiple ASP files and everytime the user click on the next page , the onUnload event will be running.

The other way to solve my problem is that when the user login into my web site, when he key in any URL in the address bar , then a new window will pop up and show the content and not the current window. Is there any way to do so ?:confused: :confused: