View Full Version : Who can help to write such a javascript ?

07-27-2006, 11:26 AM
I am building my website with Joomla! CMS. Now I want to creat a mambot for it. I have figured out the features but I do not have any coding ability. So post my request here, wish someone will take this challenge to accomplish it.

The task is about to make following functions work via javascript in a php file:

1. this javascript will run when the webpage ( .php file) was loaded in the browser and minitor the page
2. when the visitor drag their mouse and select a word or several word, the javascript will know what they have selected
3. then a floating toolbar, very small of course, will float near the selected area and offer the button or text of "search it in Google"
4. the visitor click on the search button, then a new window will open and show the google page and the search results
5. if the visitor does not click the button, it will dissappear automatically after 5 seconds ( of course this time can be set at backend)

Do you think it is very hard to carry this out?

Thank you !

07-27-2006, 01:46 PM
This functionality is already available in Firefox via context menu