View Full Version : need help with drop down menus + alignment

11-04-2002, 01:50 AM
I'm using dreamweaver to build a site which has a navigation bar with drop down menus accessible by a click of the main nav buttons.

I am trying to work out how to have these menus so that they are always in alignment with the corresponding 'mother' button no matter what the browser size or screen resolution. It appears that when I resize the window, the main table moves and the layer stays, causing it to be out of line the graphics look broken.....

You can view the page here: www.kellysylvia.com/Kingswood

If you click on writers, it will activate the drop down...If you resize your window, you will see that it becomes out of line.....

Is there a way to keep the drop down menus always in line without having to anchor the whole design to the left?

Someone please help!

11-04-2002, 06:54 AM
You may be able to use individual cells in a table to hold the menu while it is not visible, so it is directly below the actual mother-button as you call it. Should solve it.