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07-20-2006, 02:36 PM
Am I right in saying that creating an image of a drive eg i: will not work when installed onto drive c:.

Ive looked in the registry and for one of my drives i: the paths are dependant on i:. No doubt it wont run on c: will it?

Is there any way around this, the reason being I normally reinstall every 6months, I have 2 drives partitioned into 6. 3 of the partitions run their own copy of windows, 1 for programming etc, 1 for games and 1 for flight sim.

I want to install windows,drivers, updates etc a basic system that I can then ghost onto any drive in future when I reinstall.
Im thinking that I have to create a ghost image for each drive.

Anyone give me some advice please?


07-20-2006, 06:38 PM
There are boot managers (If boot magic is still around I know it does this but I haven't used it in years) that can hide the other boot partitions so all 3 of them would be the C: drive would you booted them. I'm not sure if Grub or Lilo can do this though. If you could get that to work, that would be one solution, then you could have your base ghost image.

But really is there a need to re-install so often? Which version of windows are you using?