View Full Version : Outlook "inserting" visible objects in document with each attachment ; unwanted

07-12-2006, 04:01 AM
Hello, I have an instance of Outlook 2003 that happens to place a moveable icon in the body area for each attachment attached. In the past, attachments would appear in a new field under the subject field but would not be visible within the text content of the document.
Now there is a object (similar to icons seen in view>icons in windows explorer) within the body text representing the attachment, the object cannot be removed without removing the attachment from the email. The object also is an annoyance to have in the way of the text, that I would like not to have.
This looked like a simple problem, but I found nothing relating to this in any of the option menues or after searching in help.

Does anybody have any ideas, or solutions for my problem.?