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07-10-2006, 07:37 AM

This extraordinary opportunity is ideal for both new web development firms looking to get their name out or an already established firm wanting to expand their client base. Our Organization is in need of a website. Pro Digital Athletes brings pro and semi-pro cyber athletes together online for serious competition including leagues ladders and tournaments with big prizes. We currently have staff and SPonsorships in place. Our domain and web hosting is ready to go. We seek an experienced talented PHP/MySQL and Web designer or Group to take on the task of our website which is by no means small, but at the same time not collosal! Due to the low budget of this project and being an organization that does not intend to make any money we propose an exquisite offer. We expect to have over 3000 new members registered on our site within 2 months of site launch and growing from their with a goal of 100,000 members in 12 months. In return for your services we are offering Advertising rights which will include the following:

-Webpage banner (will be displayed on every page of the site on either the left or right column depending on final design)
-Sponsored ladder (This will include large banner at the top of the specified ladder)
-IRC Channel topic (your website placed permanently in our website topic)
-Self named Tournament (One of our tournaments will be named after your firm ex. The "Your Firm" cup")
-Forums Ad (a permanent post ont he forums detailing your offers which can be updated for new promotions, the forums will b e accessed daily by hundreds of our members)
-New Member promotion (The option for you to give an offer to every new member that signs up on our site, possibly for a discount on your services, more of this can be explained on request)
-News Letter Advertisement (Short text ad on upcoming deals or services in our PDA newsletter)
-Internet Radio broadcoast Advertisement (The details of this are still very up in the air, and will be discussed upon contact)

ANy other suggestions or requests will be reviewed, we are very open to requests. Once again our organization is not here to make money we are here to provide a server to people who share the same passions as us. This is an extremely lucrative opportunity to create business. We look forward to hearing from you please contact me here through PM,on irc.gamesurge.net #proda , or reply to my post with contact information! Thank you all again for taking the time.

Pro Digital Athletes

07-10-2006, 07:53 AM
Hey, I was wandering, could you kinda summerise what your site needs, and what kinda site it will be overal?

Ben Hooper
Marbix Online

07-10-2006, 07:58 AM
sure i will give you the best i can without a 4 page document.

Its for online gaming so members profiles/clan profiles which need to relate of course.

ladders and tournaments


if you take a look at TWL you will get a good idea of a few of the types of things for member systems and laders systems it will be similar to that. www.teamwarfare.com

As far as design well www.teamverb.com is the color scheme i like but not the layout. I hope this helps a bit. If you have any more specific questions please feel free to contact me.


07-10-2006, 09:52 AM
please read the posting guidelines for this forum. especially:

Your offer must be paid in nature, in clear monetary form. This is a very important rule, your offer must not be along the lines of "I have a low budget so I cant pay much". You must state your budget or payment rate. Examples of a good, clear statement could be
Willing to pay $300 for completion of project
Looking to hire a willing coder at $20 an hour
I need a couple of modifications to my logo. Willing to pay $50.

As stated above, your payment must be in clear monetary form. This means that offers like "I'll give you 50% of the profits", or other non-monetary rewards such as "points" or "T-Shirts" are in general not allowed. Exceptions may rarely be made. If you really think that you have a valid work offer that falls under this category then PM myself (missing-score) and I can confirm it with you before you post.
+ it might also help to give a lott more detail on what exactly you want to have coded so that interested coders can have a better idea of the involved efford...