View Full Version : HP cartridge expiry workaround

07-02-2006, 12:52 PM
I just recently got stung with this with a HP officejet D145 that my parents gave me. We need to photocopy some documents because our car got written off and we cant get the insurance payout without them... so I tried to copy the paper with the machine but it wont print - so I put in a 'new' cartridge and the same problem.. cartridge has expired. Great. The cartridges really are fine.

The only reliable workaround I know of is to remove the battery on the motherbaord to factory reset it. However, None of the articles seem to explain how to get access to it! Has anyone done this?

07-02-2006, 06:47 PM
Read page 76, hopefully you will be able to restore factory settings without removing the battery, but the problem will stll be there, as reseting to factory setting wont reset copy settings..
If reseting it doenst work, see if you can make a color copy (I assume you are making a black and white copy). Some printers, even with black ink dead can still make black and white copies using the color cartridge.

I would suggest that before you buy ink at a retail store, you make sure s not expired. I used to work at RadioShack, so I know that 40% of the cartridges they carry are expired but most associates don't even know about that problem.

07-02-2006, 07:41 PM
restoring to factory settings wont fix the problem, I want to manually reset the factory settings so I can tell it that its about 2 years earlier than it actually is, then it wont give me any crap about 'expired cartridges'. The colour cartridge is exactly the same.
Its not that I cant just buy a new cartridge, I object to having to waste 3 perfectly good cartridges that were printing perfectly a few months ago but now cos some internal has ticked over I have to bin ink cartridges (which arent cheap) that are 75 - 100% full.
We save a fortune on groceries by buying food from the 'reduced' counter. I know that if correctly stored, food that would otherwise be thrown away, can last for months past their expiry date - even just fridged you can get up to a week extra out of your food because supermarkets are overly cautious cos they dont want to get sued. Theres always the risk you'll get sick but thats my risk to take. The supermarket cant stop me eating it.
I know there is the slim possibility that out of date cartridges could cause damage to the printer, but its my bloody printer and if I want to use cartridges that are a couple of months out of date then I should be able to!