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06-23-2006, 03:00 AM

Would love to hear any thoughts, sugestions and experiences regarding Multi site Admin

After trying most of the CMS's out there all which either confused my clients or had too many/not enough features have written my own, everything is working fine but I was hoping for some thoughts on how to make it more a central admin that all my users can log onto instead of having a seperate instance of the CMS on each domain.

The database makes most of this easy but my main issue is images.
Can I upload images from the "admin domain" and save it to "site domain"
or do I have to save it onto the "admin domain" and have the "site domain" reference the images from the "admin domain"
If I use the second option will I end up with a slower "site domain"

Also the CMS builds a cache file for each page after it has been edited or added, to reduce the database calls on the front end so same question as for the images, where can I save them for the best performance?

All the Domains are on the same shared server

Server Info

Database Version: 4.1.13-standard-log
PHP Version: 4.4.2
Web Server: Apache/1.3.36 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.8.27 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP/4.4.2 mod_perl/1.29 FrontPage/
WebServer to PHP interface: apache
PHP Settings:
Safe Mode: ON
Open basedir: none
Display Errors: ON
Short Open Tags: ON
File Uploads: ON
Magic Quotes: ON
Register Globals: ON
Output Buffering: OFF
Session save path: /tmp
Session auto start: 0
XML enabled: Yes
Zlib enabled: Yes
Disabled Functions: none

06-23-2006, 03:25 AM
you could store the images as blobs in the database, or have a separate server(perhaps using lighttpd..) running as a file server, i would store the images on the site's domain.

if you are duplicating the files of your admin control panel or whatever it is on each domain then that is a bad step, you can use includes and have them point to files to a central location on the server(such as /home/admincp/) even better is to use mod_alias:
so then all domains at domain.com/admincp would point to files located at /home/admincp
you want to try to eliminate any amount of redundancy as that would increase the amount of maintenance required.