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06-09-2006, 12:17 PM
Well after a day of searching and trying all sorts of random stuff I can't seem to get this to work... (PHP Noob alert) <-- :)

What I want is the news section on my site to display each news item in it's own content box (Like most sites have it setup).

Here is the code I have that displays the news (From the MySQL database).


$mode = isset($_REQUEST['mode']) ? $_REQUEST['mode'] : '';
$seoname = isset($_REQUEST['seoname']) ? $_REQUEST['seoname'] : '';

if( !empty($seoname) ){
$seoname = explode("-",$seoname);
$seoname = end($seoname);

$leftMenu = getPages('parent','0');
foreach($leftMenu as $id=>$page){
echo "| <a href='{$page['seoname']}.html'>{$page['title']}</a> |";

if( !empty($seoname) ){
$page = getPage('seoname',$seoname);
$page = getPage('id','1');

<div class="titlebar-blank">
<div class="icon-arrow-down-accent" style="margin-top:8px"></div>
<div class = "title-news"><?=$page['title']?></div>
<div class="newsbg">
<div class="news-space"><?=nl2br($page['body'])?></div>
<br />

// Here is the "list" of news posts
$kids = getPages('parent',$page['id']);
if( count($kids) > 0 ){
foreach($kids as $id=>$kid){
echo "<div class='titlebar-blank'>";
echo "<div class='icon-arrow-down-accent' style='margin-top:8px'></div>";
echo "<div class = 'title-news'><a href='{$page['seoname']}-{$kid['seoname']}.html'>{$kid['title']}</a></div>";
echo "</div>";
echo "<div class='newsbg'>";
echo "<div class='news-space'>{$kid['summary']}</div>";
echo "</div";


Any help would be much appreciated.


07-08-2006, 08:11 PM
what is a "it's own content box"? where is the link to your site? where are the links to "most sites" that you want yours to look like?