View Full Version : CPU - HeatSink low contact. How serious can it be?

06-06-2006, 11:20 AM
I recently encounter the dumbest problem i ever had. i recently built a new system, after 4 months of usage, i realized i had been formating my pc several times, once a month average. And whenever i went for simple games like Warcraft 3, the game just went hang. i thought my Graphics is a goner. i havent even went for games like FEAR or OBLIVION IV. I am not an avid gamer but when the pc started to crashed while you are working, it really gets into your head.

I am an XP user, so after the latest update, the warnings finally came out saying possiblity of hardware failure or overheatings issues.

I begun unassembling everything and i noticed that i didnt had the cpu locking cap closed properly... So there was probaly a 0.05cm lack of contact form the heatsink and the cpu. No wonder i realised why my systems overheated so much when i multitasks. And also probaly why my pc won't hang at all if i covered the pc casing with lots of cold packs or while it's inside an air conditioned room.

Anyway, i am just wondering how serious can the problem be?

Could the CPU unit be seriously damaged?