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06-05-2006, 03:06 AM
Hey guys,
I'm totally new to the whole PHP, MySQL deal, the only coding I have done is for my dads website, but I can quickly and easily program a video game, and something me and a few of my friends were working on is a Text MUD, we started on this free program called "BYOND" (www.byond.com) where I first learned to program, later buying books etc, etc, but I wanted to know how I could put this game we have built, and put it on a website, (of course having a non-stop server and host). I need help and have no where else to turn, an example of what we're going for is Achaea. (www.achaea.com).


06-10-2006, 10:02 PM
Okay. Your post is not at all clear. I can gather one of two things from it as the link that you posted does not work :confused:

What I think you may want 1:

You want to put the game on a website for other people to download it;
Well, why dont you simply create a website for it? This way people can get it and all of it's info. If you do not know how to create a website for your game, I will gladly host it for you. I am working on my newest site that I am letting newbies in ANY field of programming upload their projects for others to download. I am still working on the site, so give it to me now so I can build it in. Email me :nick@njdynamics.com if you are interested

What I think you want 2:

Perhaps you and your friends have created a game and you want people from over the net to be able to play it. Something like runescape or world of warcraft I presume. In this case, there is no question, you will have to find your own servers that will host all of the users and you will also need to find out how to build Web Networking into your game.

As I said. If you want a place to put your game for download to others, email me. How big is this game?