View Full Version : Textreplacement via Java - anyone knows how to realize?

06-02-2006, 09:52 PM
I want to implement a little Replacment-Function in my HTML-Doc. The background: I want to write the normal content in a CMS (very easy editor) and part of that content (a single bar/restaurant) is a section with metro-links. What I want to do: Write something like
JSMetroFunction('(M)(L1): Mariana, (L1)(L2): Universitat')
in my content-HTML.

The corresponding function should be placed in the Header, so I can easy change it for all content-items. And it should take specific strings - (L1) - out and change it to HTML-Image-Tags - <img src='..L1.png'>.. - and other code-fragments and should print these out.

Does anyone know how to realize that idea?