View Full Version : my Javascript works on IE but not on FireFox

06-02-2006, 12:40 PM
The javascript works perfect on IE, but on firefox it doesnt.

I've pasted both frames source, as well as the page source ( the right frame source.txt was zipped to fit the maximum size allowed)

the combobox on the left frame doesnt work ( should extract the items from my db )
when i pick an item on the left frame and go to "add" on the right frame i doesnt work,

I tried to follow the standards while building the jsp, and never tought of eventual problems when moving to firefox

in brief, multiple frames in Firefox need to be treated differently and i have absolutely no clue what should be changed for my script to work on FF.

I'm pretty sure It's something small and stupid, but i just couldn't get myself to look in the right direction probably.

I'll appreciate all the help i can get