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05-22-2006, 04:38 PM
ok the problem is that we no longer have the original cd

this may take a moment but I want to give as many details as possible

this is back in the day (1998) when gateway used to provide a cd with the image...and of course that cd is now gone and there is no system recovery drive - I know it came with win95 upgraded to win98 and then in 2000 (when I started working here >gasp<) I upgraded it again to win98se

in the by and by that computer was put in the front office and because of installing and deleting games - not uninstalling...deleting - I upgraded the computer again to winxp so that I could have admin control over it

as time went on the rest of the office was networked through a router for internet access and my hand was forced to giving access to that computer as well

if deleting games wasn't enough - we now have a surfin fool who clicks through on anything and downloads pictures and has 27 different messengers running and so on and so forth

since we've had the broadband internet I've noticed on so many occasions that the router will encounter what I call a hiccup - just a general inability to connect to the internet and usually it fixes itself after I unplug the router and tell everyone to wait 30-45 mins before trying to go online

I was forced to call bright house today because once again what I thought was a router hiccup wound up being a legitimate problem with the roadrunner service - but while I was talking to the tech I learned that in some instances if a user has spyware or adware or whatever those things are, they will cause not only frequent pop-ups but those pop-ups will also take over all available bandwith even causing other computers to get bumped off - I'm going to take that as an explanation of the hiccups on the router

since I can't begin to know what kind of software has been installed - be it regular day to day office software (including the office database) or viruses or spyware etc. - I've decided the easiest way for me to clean that computer up once and for all is to do a complete restore

but since we no longer have the cd I didn't know if there was another way to get the computer restored - I can't get any answers out of gateway without using their pay system and for what that computer's worth it ain't worth it

I know this was long-winded but if anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it so much

lol and firing the user is not an option at this point in time


EDIT: this gateway as I said was bought in 1998 - pII-300 with 64meg ram and 6 gig hd

05-22-2006, 08:12 PM
Well you can't restore it without the disc. You could go buy one but I don't know if its worth it. Is this just one computer we are talking about? I'm going to guess yes. You can get spyware removing programs like spybot search and destory and lavasoft adaware, don't run them at the same time as one will probably catch things the other didn't. Get an antivirus program. AVG is free and may do the job. Clearing up the spyware and any possible viruses might get things back to normal again.

05-22-2006, 10:25 PM
after a lot of thought and as it turns out - another computer has made itself available - it's a little bit newer and I can get a restore disk for it and with any luck I'll be able to lock it out from the internet so I don't have this problem again

I'm still going to look into those particular apps you suggested only because although the user seems to be lacking in common sense she's not stupid and she'll figure out a way to get back online *chuckles*

thanks aero :)

05-22-2006, 11:04 PM
If the computer is full of crapware and is having a lot of problems, then don't worry about a Gateway restore disk - just get a Windows XP disk or something and reformat it (back up everything that you want to keep beforehand!). Then get the drivers for all hardware off the internet.

That's what I'd do - I wouldn't bother buggering around with system restore or malware tools on a heavily infected system because sometimes the system has become so badly damaged by malware there isn't really any alternative to reformatting and performing a clean reinstall.

05-23-2006, 04:47 AM
i would also sugguest changing the content avisory settings in internet explorer/ tools/internet options/content/content advisor this would block most bad sites ,downloads (password protected)to.