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05-20-2006, 10:55 AM
Hey everyone.

I am having a slight problem. I dont know how welcome this post is here, but, I have recently (as in the passed few days) changed over to Mac.

I am running Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and I seem to be having some networking issues. I hope someone knows a thing or two about macs!

The Problem is that I am connecting to my wireless network (where this is the only mac, the rest are windows PC's) via my Airport Extreme card, built in on my iMac. In the case of all of my PC's, I connect to DSL via 'PPPoE' where the wireless hub is connected to my DSL router. Now, I set up my iMac to connect to the internet before I did anything. In the 'Network' preference pane, I configured my Airport to connect via PPPoE and then entered my Service Provider's info, such as my account name and password.

However, when I activate windows Sharing under the 'Sharing' preference pane, it tells me that other Windows PC's can reach my iMac at the address of (somethin like) //isp51.isdsl@isitdsl.net/nicholaslewis. This cannot be right. And I think this is why I cannot see my network and I cannot even ping the iMac from a windows PC. This is my Problem. Note that the printers I want to use are on a windows PC, and are shared and working with other PC's on the network.

Things I have tried: So I do not waste your time

-I have unchecked the "connect through PPPoE" checkbox
Result: I can now Ping my iMac and my IP returns to normal.

-I have created a new connection port from the Airport that connects through PPPoE.
Result : The internet does not work, the summary page says that the iMac is still connected to the internet via the original Airport connection where PPPoE is not enabled. Also, I cannot find my Windows printers.

Perhaps I am just to much of a Mac Noob to now how to add a windows printer? Does anyone know good tutorials / explanations that may aid me?

Thanks a lot!:)

05-23-2006, 02:36 AM
I know nothing about macs ;) but you dont need PPPoE or anything like that setup, all you want to do is connect to your router nothing else (no usernames or passwords etc).

So you probably just need to set your default gateway to whatever the router address is (probably or etc) and also your default DNS servers (though the router should send this information for you), a quick google suggests SystemPreferences > Network or Applications/Server/Gateway Setup Assistant as a place to start?

Once thats correct the rest should just work, the shared windows printers should show up in your printer browser automatically.