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10-27-2002, 09:34 AM
I have some beginner questions to ask someone, if you are willing? I know there are lots of qustions but this is very important to me and will be greaetly appreciated.
I am trying to learn web designing so I am preparing my home pc to design web pages using Dreamweaver MX. I have theses questions? Knowing, I have a pc with Windows XP (pro) which has IIS 5 already installed and my hosting company is using Linux and has apache set up.

1. If I developed my pages using my PC is will it have any problems when I upload to a server that is running on Linux/apache and not xp/IIS?

2. Since IIS already comes with ASP (is it true)installed can I also install PHP on it?

3. I hear MYSQL is the database of choice with PHP. Can I also use Access with PHP?

4. Can I have more than one server loaded on my machine for testing purpose. My XP machine already has IIS. I also want to learn to use Apache. Can i have both on my machine?

5. Can I have a design site that is a pc with XP, IIS, and design a site there and then upload to a hosting site that uses apache web server and linux OS?

6. I know i can download PHP from PHP.net, but which version is the right one, binary or the one with windows installer?

7. Where can i find instructions on setting up PHP, MYSQL, Apache besides their main pages?

8. I heard that there are sites that offer a single download that install PHP, MYSQL, and Apache in a bundle. Is that true, if so, do anyone know of some?

9. where can i find some easy to sue PHP / MSQL monitoring or administrations tools?


10-28-2002, 04:55 PM
I'll gladly (try) to help you on the apache, php and MySQL part

I got my software from

it a package that installs an apache webserver + MySQL server on your
machine. I also recommend a textbook. The first chapters explain very
clearly how to set up a server or PC for php and MySQL. you can download +
find more info about it on

I installed it on my box and i think its grate. I configured
my IIS to process php files and i'm running an apache webserver on the same machine. didn't have any problems till now. i'm just switching between the two, depending on the app i'm working on.