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05-16-2006, 05:21 AM
I'm really in quite a dither...

we're running a wireless network here at home which imo is bad enough...my mom lives on aol if you know what I mean

the past couple of days she's noticed that aol will just lock up - since I have no trouble on my computer the internet connection doesn't add into the equation - all of my messengers work; ie, ff, and opera all work

so tonight when I get home I get the "Sweetie can you take a look at this for me?" and I knew I was doomed

I tried to download aim which comes with the aol browser so that she wouldn't have to mess with aol anymore (the full software) - what a mistake that was

both computers got booted off of the router...after 2 calls to linksys (that's the wireless router) my computer is back online wired and wireless no problem (I'm posting this message aren't I?)

well by the end of the 2nd call to linksys we've found that at the command prompt we can ping yahoo and the local ip and we put ip's into the network connections spots

so now both computers are connected to the router - mine can get on the internet and my mom's can't - it won't connect to aol, aim or any of the sites in her ie fav's nor any other site that I might type in

the error that keeps coming up is "Internet Explorer cannot open the search page"

the linksys tech has suggested that I install another browser (I'm in the process of downloading firefox) but I'm concerned that she may have gotten a virus or spy/adware that's giving her trouble?

and don't forget - I said previously that for the past couple of days aol ONLY was hanging up while she was in the middle of reading or sending an email

do my computer gurus here at cf have any ideas for me? if you'll notice the hour it's getting late and the alarm clock goes off way too early around here anymore...


>>edit<< and I'm getting more annoyed by the moment as I've missed my monday night family guy and oblongs and I'm about to miss family guy again!!!

05-16-2006, 06:24 AM
yep wound up missing family guy

dunno what I did but everything is working just fine now :thumbsup: