View Full Version : CSS Menu with Descendant Selectors not working with ASP?!

05-09-2006, 12:33 AM

I have a CSS sidebar menu that uses descendant selectors (an ID in the 'body' tag and one in the 'a' tag) to turn on links if the ID in the page matches the selector in my stylesheet. Everything works fine as long as the extension in the link to be turned on isn't .asp. This is the oddest behaviour and I'm absolutely stymied!

Has anyone ever encountered this before? I'm using a code structure identical to that in "CSS Cookbook". Example pages as follows:

This page works as the "on" link in the sidebar ends in ".html"

This link doesn't turn on as the link has the ".asp" extension

I've tried other extensions and the code works fine (ie. php, aspx, etc). I have to use .asp for these pages - .aspx is not an option.

Also, the behaviour is the same across multiple browsers...is this some weird server issue or am I missing something else?