View Full Version : Firefox OnMouseOver/OnMouseOut multiple executions

05-04-2006, 08:20 PM

This is in reference to this code:

<input type='textbox' onMouseOver="alert('over')" onMouseOut="alert('out')" style='border: none; background-color: #000000;' />

First thing's first: the style's were applied during troubleshooting - just to rule out the problem with borders..

Browsers: IE6, FF

With IE, mouse over and mouse out work fine. They execute the command one tmie. With firefox, mouseover executes sometimes 2x mouseover with a mouse out between it. And when leaving the box slowly, it executes a mouseover and a mouse out. Please try it out :)

Anyone know why this is happening? Is this a bug in firefox... or shoudl I be writing code differently? Thanks :)