View Full Version : Should I create dynamic web templates using CSS? or is this not necessary anymore?

05-02-2006, 06:49 PM
I am fairly new to CSS and I am in the process of converting FrontPage table templates to CSS. My CSS layout is in perfect condition until I add an the editable region option to the template. Once I do this, my layout becomes out of alignment. Not sure if this is a CSS issue or FP DWT template issue.

Do I still need to use DWT's and editable regions if I am converting to a CSS layout?

I was wondering the best way to approach this. The reason I have to create templates is because other people will be updating these pages and I have to have the editable content easily marked so they can just copy an paste content on the page for easy updates. Obviously...these people are not very web savvy if you know what I mean...

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


05-02-2006, 06:58 PM
In all of my years of coding. I have never used a dreamweaver template, even if it was one I made myself. I use server side includes and external CSS files. If they aren't web savvy then make a content management so use one of the many free ones available. Doing so will only allow them to edit text, they click save and boom its updated on the site. They never touch the html. Don't expect someone to just open DW and edit it because to a beginner DW is a beast and can be discouraging.