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05-02-2006, 06:20 AM
I just bought a new network card from a local computer store, the brand name is AOpen. I installed it and everything, the computer notices the new network, but refuses to connect sometimes.

I have gotten it to connect before, but than it gives me a DNS problem that won't even be fixed by repairing the connection.

Now I have it connected, but it gives me a limited or no connectivity.

What I'm trying to do here is basically have an extra ethernet port and run my game console off of it instead of using a router. When the network says connected I than get the DNS problem when signing online with my console, but when I look at the properties of the connection it shows nothing for the DNS.

05-04-2006, 02:28 AM
i presume you are basically trying to send internet to your xbox?

ok, you are using a router, but the method you have chosen is called an internal router.

I am going to need a little more information about your problem in order to come up with a solution.

Some things to check:

Assuming i am correct and you are indeed trying to get an internet connection on your xbox....

1:) check the network settings in the configuration of the xbox, you have to make sure it is on the same subnet as the second network card in your pc. i.e. windows will default to that, maybe the xbox is set to They will not connect if this is the case.

2:) assuming the internet comes in via your first nic (network interface card) leave that alone and dont play with the network settings. However, you will need to share the Internet Connection, right click on the connection, advanced, and tick both the boxes in the Internet Connection Sharing section.

3.) set the ip of the new nic manually, remember its a local network. 192.168.0.x/ will do fine, but remember that with that subnet the only number you can change on the ip is where i have put x. So for example set the second nic to and the xbox to and both with a subnet of

4:) Set the gateway on the xbox to the ip of the second nic, off the top of my head i cannot remember the settings on the xbox (assuming this is what you are doing) so im shooting in the dark a little, but if it asks you for a dns server enter the ip of the second nic again.

umm, dont think ive missed anything! lol but ive been on the whisky 'n' coke so i may have missed something!! lol

But to summarise, double check all setting with the list i made for you, and let me know some more details about the problem etc.

Hope this helps