View Full Version : Creating simple popup , passing variables to it, and using them in popup

05-01-2006, 08:05 PM
I am running my personal travel site. I am not a programmer, but try to change my site woth trial and error and a lot of time. Sometimes this works, now it doens´t .

I have a log of my daily activities. This data, coming from my dbase is listed in a table form :


since the log entry had more information about weather, road conditions, start and stopping times, petrol consumption etc I wanted to give the vierwer the option to see this info as wel. So in the last collumn , under the word ´meer´ I am putting something like this:

echo "<td class='border' style='font-size:11px;'><a href=http://www.ctjansen.nl/nuke/modules/waarbenik/map.php?land=".$row[land]."&datum=".$row[datum]."&beg_plaats=".$row[beg_plaats]." > meer info ";

so this link starts the program map.php, and in this php file I wanted to assign the passed variables from the url (beg_plaats, datum .. etc) to local variables so i can start a javascript to create a popup and show them on the screen.
Seems very simple to me, but I have no idea how to get acces to these passed variables.

Can anyone help me??