View Full Version : SITE CHECK - some indepth CSS (for me)

04-29-2006, 04:19 AM
i've dove into a site with some pretty extensive CSS along with some tables - mostly it's formatted like i want it, but occassionally i'm seeing some borders blown out to the side or something. also a couple of people using Safari ( i don't test for Macs too often ) have mentioned some problems ...

i wonder if i could get a few people to take a look at the UI and the code (external sheet, accessible) and tell me what you see, make any comments you'd like, using a couple different browsers...?

it means the world to me to not have to resort to converting all back to tables...

oh - the site >> www.atlantacodeworks.com, it's not finished, some pages are, many say "pending", but even then i see "pending" way down at the bottom vice top and centered...

thanks, all

glenn nall

04-29-2006, 04:29 AM
this looks like the macromedia layout that they give you in dreamweaver :(

04-29-2006, 04:44 AM
With this kind of code you may as well go back to tables since you're using them so extensively anyway... Try this for starters:

As you can see, there's a lot of invalid code you need to correct. The main problems I see visually are that "search" is sticking out of its container in both IE6 and Firefox 1.5 and that there's a giant space in the middle of the page in IE.