View Full Version : CSS Evaluate is freezing browser

04-25-2006, 04:02 PM

I have a horizontal header div, id = doccoordmenu, and then another div, id = content. Basically I want to calculate the height property of the content based on the clientHeight and the offsetHeight of my header menu. So the content scrolls in it's own div and the header is always visible. I am trying to use the following, but with the -20 IE 6.0 just freezes.

FYI: This page will only be viewed in IE 6.0 in Strict mode.

Works fine just seems like it is giving a bit too big of a number:
height: expression(document.documentElement.clientHeight - document.getElementById('doccoordmenu').offsetHeight);

So I thought just subtracting an arbitary number would work, but it freezes IE:
height: expression(document.documentElement.clientHeight - document.getElementById('doccoordmenu').offsetHeight - 20);

Any suggestions on either a workaround or something I am doing wrong?