View Full Version : Nested layers problem, show/hide, domtab please help!

04-22-2006, 06:37 AM
MY PROBLEM IS: that when i try to add a layer (inside a layer that will be shown/hidden) the new layer doesn't appear. Am I doing something wrong?

What I'm wanting is a mini sub menu. Uses simple javascript and list. On mouseclick it shows a <div>. For this i'm following these examples :

unobtrusiveshowhide/ (http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/articles/unobtrusiveshowhide/example1a.html)


^ neither uses nested layers. But this example does, i think, for the centre section about the hotel (overview/photos/etc)

long url (http://www.bookings.org/hotel/gb/thistleedinburgh.html?tab=1&error_url=%2Fhotel%2Fgb%2Fthistleedinburgh.html%3Faid%3D300607%3Blabel%3Dgog235jc%3B&do_availability_check=on&aid=300607&label=gog235jc&checkin_monthday=22&checkin_year_month=2006-4&checkout_monthday=23&checkout_year_month=2006-4)

This has thrown me. The javascript aside, i thought that this would be simple given the heirarchy of the layers, the succession: and that the containing layer, when commanded to appear would have everything within it. I've tried it with float. Tried then to keep it in flow of document so made it static...and absolute inside nested relative layer. Driving me nuts, now unsure if i've tried everything or not. Been all over google for hours and can't find anything really to help me. No direct hits about showing nested layers...it's probably obvious and i'm making mistakes. So could somebody let me know if this is possible? Do i have to define the layer a set way? Do i have to put the width and height, or the z-index or something? I've been in the source for that hotel example and had a look at the massive .css. Was thinking it might be to do with inline definition? Please help!! Maybe a quick bit of code in the "how now brown cow" example as to how? :confused:

04-22-2006, 06:51 AM
I would think it would work. Absolutely or relatively positioning along with floats can have some odd effects on div though. Have you tried it while making sure that you've done none of those things to the interior div?