View Full Version : Calendar Customization Help Needed for Non-Profit Site

04-19-2006, 05:18 PM
I’m developing a site pro bono for a non-profit (no budget for this project) and am absolutely clueless when it comes to JavaScript.

I have an event calendar (http://www.njot.org/redesign/calendar.htm) that is built using a tutorial and code taken (legally) from another site (http://home.comcast.net/~kilsen/Calendar/). My site will be going live soon and they are asking for some customization that I’m not able to make. You can see the .js file here: http://www.njot.org/redesign/javascript/calendar.js

What they would like to do is duplicate the view previous & view next month links that appear at the bottom of the calendar so that they also appear on either side of the main month header. In other words, rather than just saying “April 2006” at the top of the calendar, it would say: <Previous Month……April 2006……Next Month> The link destination and font/size should be the same as the “View March | View May” links at the bottom of the calendar.

Any help that you can provide in making this customization would be GREATLY appreciated, both by me and by the non-profit organization with whom I am working.