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04-14-2006, 05:56 PM
I do have a line chart in asp page, I would like to have the line to be show with marker (not all line only two line nedd marker). How can I do that?
is it a way or possible to show a point in bold or change to others color or become e more special when the data is below or greater than certain value? as what I show on the attach. the last point is oou of the LCL, can I change the marker to others color ?
pls help Tks.

My chart:-
Below are my code:-

<%tWidth = 1000
tHeight = 400
'all code below belongs to the chart code/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
'all needed variables
Dim aryX
Dim aryY
Dim objChart
Dim objCharts
Dim objConstants
Dim strFileName
'the sub that builds the chart
Sub AddChart(objCharts, objConstants, aryData, aryDescription, intChartType, XCaption, YCaption)
Dim objChart
Set objChart = objCharts.Charts.Add
With objChart
.Type = intChartType
.PlotArea.Interior.color = rgb(255,255,255)
.border.color = RGB(255,255,255)
.interior.color = RGB(240,240,240)
If Not Isnull(XCaption) Then
.Axes(0).HasTitle = True
.Axes(0).Title.Caption = XCaption
end if
.Axes(1).MajorGridlines.Line.Color = rgb(192,192,192)
If Not Isnull(YCaption) Then
.Axes(1).HasTitle = True
.Axes(1).Title.Caption = YCaption
.Axes(1).Title.Font.Name = "Arial"
.Axes(1).Title.Font.Size = 10
end if
.SetData objConstants.chDimCategories, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryDescription
.SeriesCollection(0).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryData
.SeriesCollection(0).Interior.Color = rgb(13,86,146)
'.SeriesCollection(0).Border.Color = rgb(13,86,146)

.SeriesCollection.Add(1) 'the second data set
.SeriesCollection(1).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryY2
.SeriesCollection(1).Interior.Color = rgb(240,0,0)
if instr(tType,"Line") > 0 then
'.SeriesCollection(1).Line.Color = rgb(240,0,0)
.SeriesCollection(1).Line.Witdh = 10
'.SeriesCollection(1).Border.Color = rgb(240,0,0)
end if

.SeriesCollection.Add(2) 'the 3rd data set
.SeriesCollection(2).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryY3
.SeriesCollection(2).Interior.Color = "Red"
'if instr(tType,"Line") > 0 then
.SeriesCollection(2).Line.Color = "Red"
'.SeriesCollection(2).Border.Color = rgb(0,228,0)
'end if

.SeriesCollection.Add(3) 'the 4th data set
.SeriesCollection(3).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryY4
.SeriesCollection(3).Interior.Color = "Red"
'if instr(tType,"Line") > 0 then
.SeriesCollection(3).Line.Color = "Red"
'.SeriesCollection(3).Border.Color = rgb(192,192,192)
'end if

.SeriesCollection.Add(4) 'the 5th data set
.SeriesCollection(4).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryY5
.SeriesCollection(4).Interior.Color = "Red"
'if instr(tType,"Line") > 0 then
.SeriesCollection(4).Line.Color = "Red"
'.SeriesCollection(4).Border.Color = rgb(192,192,192)
'end if

.SeriesCollection.Add(5) 'the 6th data set
.SeriesCollection(5).SetData objConstants.chDimValues, objConstants.chDataLiteral, aryY6
.SeriesCollection(5).Interior.Color = "Red"
'if instr(tType,"Line") > 0 then
.SeriesCollection(5).Line.Color = "Red"
'.SeriesCollection(5).Border.Color = rgb(248,248,248)
'end if

End With
Set objChart = Nothing
End Sub
'set the data arrays X and Y
'go to the rs for this car and get 12 months, from last month, and format data

dim aryX1(100), aryA(100), aryB(100), aryC(100)
SET RS=CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") 'create a recordset
sql="select top 10 Avg1, Range1, Filename from tblFiles where mcno = 2 order by workweek Desc"
'response.write sql
RS.Open sql,conn,1,3
t = 0
do until rs.eof
t = t + 1
'response.write t & " <br />"
aryX1(t) = rs("Filename")
aryA(t) = rs("Avg1")
aryB(t) = rs("Range1")
aryC(t) = rs("Range1")

'now each array has it's values, move them into the chart arrays:
aryX = Array(aryX1(10),aryX1(9),aryX1(8),aryX1(7),aryX1(6),aryX1(5),aryX1(4),aryX1(3),aryX1(2),aryX1(1))'Xv alues
aryY1 = Array(aryA(10),aryA(9),aryA(8),aryA(7),aryA(6),aryA(5),aryA(4),aryA(3),aryA(2),aryA(1))
aryY2 = Array(aryB(10),aryB(9),aryB(8),aryB(7),aryB(6),aryB(5),aryB(4),aryB(3),aryB(2),aryB(1))
'aryY3 = Array(aryC(1),aryC(2),aryC(3),aryC(4),aryC(5))'...aryC(10))

'aryY1 = Array(460,520,650,580) 'Y Values
'aryY2 = Array(390,390,390,390,390,390,390,390,390,390) 'Y Values
aryY3 = Array(680,680,680,680,680,680,680,680,680,680) 'Y Values
aryY4 = Array(370,370,370,370,370,370,370,370,370,370) 'Y Values
aryY5 = Array(46,46,46,46,46,46,46,46,46,46) 'Y Values
aryY6 = Array(240,240,240,240,240,240,240,240,240,240) 'Y Values
'initialize owc
Set objCharts = Createobject("OWC10.Chartspace")
Set objConstants = objCharts.Constants
'layout options
objCharts.HasChartSpaceTitle = False
XName = ""
YName = "Range Thickness"
Call AddChart(objCharts, objConstants, aryY1, aryX, objConstants.chChartTypeLine, XName, YName) 'build chart
'Call AddChart(objCharts, objConstants, aryY1, aryX, objConstants.chChartTypeSmoothLine, XName, YName)

'export to file
strFileName = Timer & Rnd & ".gif" 'make a long random filename for the gif that will hold the chart
Call objCharts.ExportPicture(Server.MapPath(strFileName), "gif", tWidth, tHeight)
Set objCharts = Nothing
Set objConstants = Nothing%>