View Full Version : burning to disc: outlook.pst

04-14-2006, 01:27 PM
burn outlook.pst
When burning a disc with roxio6 sometimes a message appears for "... the project will be temporary modified...do you want to continue ? ..." well what is that means ?

I think this is due to some files that belong in "open software" during selection of what be burned in disc, well what this means[...temporary modified...] for my new disc if choose to continue ? there will be any reading problem with the disc & such files ?

I think this is a general message appears in each burn soft, well ? eg when I select to be burn outlook.pst (file with email messages), and then accept email and this file get modified, and try to burn disc , this message appears, well IF I CONTINUE BURNING I COULD READ THIS FILE ? THIS (burned disc file)WILL BE THE OLD FILE BEFORE THE NEW EMAILS COME ?