View Full Version : 3D UI - Its rad.

04-11-2006, 08:51 PM
Hey I just ran across this program called Tactile 3d (http://www.tactile3d.com/) and its a 3D UI that can do anything that windows explorer can do. I have only used it a day and have already found it really useful for site mapping, and better understanding how to organize my links and files. You guys should really check it out.

2 things I wish someone would develop along the same lines of this would be a hyperlink version of this, to show where all your pages links are coming from and going to, and a Calendar version. The calendar version would constantly be moving along a line, and dates and activities would be placed ahead of you or behind you as they occur. I think that would help people grasp how far ahead it is in time, instead of having dates sneak up on people.

EDIT: Spelling.