View Full Version : Navigate away from pages?

Apr 4th, 2006, 08:24 AM
The problem I have is that; I have two access databases with two tables. These tables have relationships.

Example "Someone’s Name" (Table 1) is related to "Someone’s Info" (Table 2).

The data is entered by ODBC and the sever side scrip I use is ASP. I use two separate html forms one for adding “Someone’s Name” to table 1 and then I carry the ID over into the new form for adding the “Someone’s Info” to table 2. All this works fine.

But when the user is on the second form the "Someone’s Info" form and they wish to hit back on the browser the database will make a double entry on the the data and will lose "ID" and this will cause errors when I go to remove an entry.

Can JavaScript stop someone navigating away from a page? The pages I have are set in an inline frame.