View Full Version : Visual C++ express 2005 help

04-02-2006, 04:22 AM
Hey guys i am installing the visual c++2005 express edition with the microsoft platform SDK. I need some help here is the link to the directions i am following.


I am on step three and i have no idea how to change what i am looking at. Like where it says add the paths to teh appropriate subsection ok. here let me get a pic up!

They go in order with the page.


I am not really where do i put the new paths at in them? It is the s ection on the right side of the box you will noticed the top right name changes exectutable,include adn libary all inorder to pics. I forget if the IMG tag works in ehre if not i will edit to links.

I am trying to learn code so i downloaded this also because i want to make a mod off the hl2 engine. So any help will be accept with open arms.